464 Massachusetts Ave
Arlington, MA 02474
(781) 443-9000
Tango on Urbanspoon

Tango is a great Argentinian style steakhouse nestled away in Arlington Center. Perhaps not quite a hidden gem, but a restaurant off the beaten path. I have eaten here several times and enjoyed each trip some more than others but each time the steak has been good.

Key Eats
Essential to dining at Tango is a love of chimichurri sauce. This traditional Argentinian marinade, dipping sauce, and A1 replacement is a phenomenal accompaniment to almost anything. Although, the sauce itself is simple, the staff at Tango make it an art and its the best I’ve had outside of Argentina proper.

The Food
Let me start by stating Argentinian steakhouses are not what most Americans expect. If you want the whole a la cart dining experience, then I recommend you head over to Morton’s or Ruth Chris. At Tango you won’t find a Caesar Salad (in fact I’d avoid the salad altogether) or garlic mashed potatoes. What you get, however, is a good steak.

The Meat
Let’s get serious, the reason you go to a steakhouse is the meat. The frills are just that frills, but if the steak’s not good you won’t go back and on that front Tango excels. The menu at Tango should just read meat because that is what they serve and every way they slice it, its good. With the 20oz Bife de Chorizo being my personal favorite (I’m not good at portion control), Tango’s menu contains a steak for all meat-eaters in your party. From the tender and flavorful Medall√≥n Roquefort to the expertly cooked and deftly sliced Churrasco, the steak at Tango surpasses perfection. Even the beef short ribs passed muster, which is no small feat in my family, but Dad found them delicious and even ordered them twice!


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